Tutoring Class for Base Related Techniques provide for 5 days
This class is a sub-class of Toupee-making class.
Each class is done for 1 person at a time.
We (1) not only serve you with the lastest & most up-to-date techniques (2) but also supply the best quality of chemicals & netting materials (A) with experience of manufacturing Toupee for dozens of countries importers since 1982 and (B) producing related materiasl & equipments such as Chemicals, Machines, Netting materials, Tools, Accessories, etc suitable for producing the best Toupees from every view point.

Toupees (custom Made) sell at US$800.00 ~ us$1,500.00/pc by retail in Korea, us$2,000 ~ us$3,000.00/pc
in USA, us$3,000.00/pc ~ 10,000.00/pc in Japan, at least some hundreds in any quality and any countries.

A kind of most expensive products for men !!!

We always work for Manufacturers's producing such expensive Toupees.
How to make PU Skins from Liquid Glues, Bases with Nets(Laces) & PU Skin & Glues, Hair-Attaching on knotted/implanted, Re-molding (shaping) finished Toupee, etc as follows;
CLASS-BASE ( 5 days)
Tutoring class re Techniques used in making & using Skin caps, Head-shaped caps, bases, etc of Men's Hairpieces (hand-tied ) in Custom made units and Stock made unit
 Please see the contensts below or click HERE for detailed contents.
How to make a pattern from a bald head man showing the contour shape and the size of his head. Which is very important to make Custom Made Toupees.
How to make SKINS(SKIN CAP, SKIN BASE) using Liquid PU (PolyUrethane)
How to make BASES (CAPS) for Men's Hair replacements, or Wigs - HandTied
How to choose Base materials, Designs ( Constructions) according to Hair Style, Hair Amount, Base Materials, etc [ Relationship between Hair material and proper hair-implantation methods, Hair Style ( Split effect) and proper hair-implantation methods, Skin Base thickness and Hair Amount, etc ]
How to apply Attaching Glue for HAIRS V-looped, or knotted into SKIN
How to do COATING after Knotting or Implantation
How to make a PU FOAM MOLD for a Custom Made order from the pattern showing size and contour shape
Other extra Techniques, etc of extra machines, chemicals, tools, etc
1. How to make Bases
2. How to manual implant (hand-tie) hairs
3. How to do Permanent Bonding System for Toupee-wearing

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